Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What have I downloaded?

Do you ever wanted to know if you could get harmed by any law for downloading illegally pirated movies apps or music?

In Fact it could be possible that you could get be pleased to charge for someone else!
Most ISP's out there use random IP Adresses (DHCP) out of an IP Pool for they residential customers. So if someone downloaded an pirated movie before you get to this IP Adress you could get harmed through this!
Well i know thats weird but you should have a look at this website:

YOUHAVEDOWNLOADED . COM shows what was downloaded with your IP (only torrent data is collected) but torrent data is the most popular way to pirate stuff!

So be aware and just think of this tiny fact...

In future i will post about correct anonymisation to get rid of such problems and not getting into harm for someone else who does illegal activity ;)

Have a nice Day folks!