Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fujitsu Siemens's Erase Disk launched!

The Company Fujitsu Siemens Augsburg has invented an new Addon to all their mobile computer series. An tool called "erase disk" is implemented in bios and uefi.

With this tool its possible to erase your whole disk with 5 different algorythms that will wipe anyhting out of them.
First i thought, umm nothing special, but to do a normal disk erasment you need a proper running OS or an boot disk with the lagorithms on it to delete a disk.
With Fujitsus new tool "erase disk" its possible to erase any disk though in that case if no OS or no proper installed OS is running on the Notebook/Computer
The 4 used algorythms are:
  • Zero Pattern (1 pass) 
  • German BSI/VSITR (7 passes)
  • DoD 5220.22-M ECE (7 passes) 
  • Guttmann (35 passes)
This will depending on disk space take 1 to 10 minutes per Gigabyte for erasment.

With this tool its possible to wipe IDE, SATA including Raid systems but no solid state drives.

Fujitsu has invented an real economy product here, i can remember when a disk of mine was broken i always borke it a lot more to get it wasted unrecoverable and the moved to trash that nobody can find it =P

Cheers folks!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Super Injunction, twitter failed

Twitter just gave away the whole user information of an member that posted news in the UK that shouldnt have shown up.
The UK uses a system or let me call it an "take-down" law that gives the government the right to take down any News they dont want to appear or be spoken out. If the Super Junction is called no one is allowed to talk or write about the happening in free places or newspapers nor on the Internet eg. Twitter.

So now on Twitter always committed and said no our users are safe, today is a bad day for twitter.

Long story short - if you post on twitter you could be charged for any post you ve done, twitter wont keep your account information safe...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Apple Iphone 4 hardware hacked!

Finally the Iphone 4 hardware got hacked and is now open for everyone.
Apple used an 256-Bit key to encrypt any data stored on the phone, GPS-Data, Usernames and passwords, phonebook entries, messages, etc... and all other related user data that is stored on the phone.

This new revealed hack now allows us to do a Backup of an apple iphone 4 and also decrypt this backup to get the data out of this solid box.

As they claim Russian company ElcomSoft has done this hack first and created an easy to use software for everyone. ElcomSoft

An sheet here shows what is possible with the light and the full edition of this software:

ElcomSoft offer this iOS 4 forensic toolkit to security and law enforcement agencies, but anyone can purchase the software to extract the encrypted data on a device.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MeeGo 1.2 Release

The new replacement on mobile phones like the Nokia N900, N8 and N9, MEEGO will establish in future instead of Maemo.

Also this newly improved peace of software will be available on most Netbooks / laptops for use.
To take a look at the Design click the next picture:
Simple to handle OS for netbooks

The MeeGo 1.2 Core OS provides a complete set of enabling technologies for mobile computing.

Some highlights of the MeeGo Core stack include:
  • MeeGo Reference Kernels supporting a variety of Intel Atom and ARMv7 platforms.
  • QML Application Framework and extended Qt-Mobility APIs, including additional location, system, connectivity, and sensor/haptic capabilities for rapid, rich, application development.
  • Enhanced Telephony and Connectivity capabilities, including:
    • GSM, GPRS, and HSPA+ network support
    • SIM Application Toolkit
    • Expanded Bluetooth profiles
    • Expanded VPN and wireless authentication methods
    • USB, WiFi, and BT-PAN data tethering capability
    • Enhance multimedia support, including RTSP streaming with progressive download

This release also includes the following:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sony got hacked again!

Two weeks after the big Playstation Network hack Sony s Greek music homepage got hacked!

Username, maill addys and real names got stolen from all customers that were registred on their site, this could be another big leak in sony s never ending hack story!
Another funny point here, someone has realeased the hole data that got stolen from sony s music page on pastebin.org

All data has been posted, but the hacker deleted the phone number and also the users passwords before posting, seems to be great statement to scare them but not kill them right now!

In fact its not possible to run a website 100% secure so it cant be hacked, but what sony does here is horrible, their security got broken in such simple ways that everyone can just wonder around why havent i tried to =P

Everyone that is registred on sonymusic.gr should change his password right now, dont know what the hacker is planning with the data that got leaked so long...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sony playstation network hacked again!

Not so much time has passed and the PSN (Sony Playstation Network) got hacked again, only 48 hours after the playstation etwork got relaunched and was up again a new security hole was found and missused.

Maybe the same hackers are involved as on playstation networks first take down.
The new security hole is described as follows:

You can use the forget your password button on the PSN to retrieve a new password, the clue is to get a new passwort you only have to enter 2 criterias, your Name and your date of birth. So long if the crew that hacked it before is after this security hole again they already got all datas from every user of the PSN so they know their name and also their date of birth.

In most parts of the world sony has now taken down the feature to change your users password to get rid of this failure, but it seems they handle this real filthy :) i think if sony gets another hit in its face it has to capitulate!

Though the hackers have not been captured at all, also the FBI is after them - it seems they handle this quite smart :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

OtherOS++ Boot linux on PS3

 Rebug Team has brought 2 new realeases for the Sony s playstation 3:
Boot OtherOS++ & OtherOS Prep Tool
These are essential for installing an new OS on your playstation 3 

Note: Below are excerpt from rebug.me
  • 16MB NOR PS3 (Model CECHH or Higher)
  • 3.55 OtherOS++ enabled firmware installed
(If you want to use REBUG 3.55.1 grab PS3MFW Builder 0.2 Portable
from here with the tasks pre-selected to add OtherOS++ support)
  • One Step Prep if installing OtherOS to USB Hard Disk
  • Two Step Prep if installing OtherOS to PS3 Hard Disk
  • Resize vflash to 6 different sizes
  • (Original, 11GB, 22,GB, 43GB, 65GB and 83GB)
  • Create or Delete vflash region 5, 6 and 7 separately
  • Create or Delete ALL vflash regions at once
  • dtbImage.ps3.bin included in pkg (no need to have it ready on USB)
  • Install different dtbImage.ps3.bin from USB
  • Checks that vflash region 7 create matches vflash size
  • Detects and displays current vflash size on start up
  • Auto matches new size to current size on start up
In most cases when the PS3 auto reboots you will get a black screen telling you to plug in your controller and press the PS button. THIS IS NORMAL. Press the PS button and on the next screen press the PS button again. The PS3 will continue to reboot.

(PS3 Hard Drive WILL NOT be Formatted)
Run OtherOS Prep Tool
Press START+SELECT.. You’re done!!
(PS3 will beep when it starts and again when it finishes)
(System will auto reboot)
Run Boot OtherOS++ to launch Petitboot

 We are done folks, happy booting, and btw.:

If any body know the series breaking bad would know this already - i wanted to share ;) have fun

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Austria launches new cyber crime force!

Johanna Mikl-Leitner austrias minister of the interior has launched the new project "fight cybercrime" 

The so called "Cyber-Crime-Competence-Center" consists of 300 new retrained police officers / it-experts.
They 300 users are going to get trained at an Academy launched by the BKA and will be trained specially on a point that makes me curious - ENCRYPTION and ANONYMIZING.

That sounds like they are going to establish a force that will detect people in austria who will use privacy and anonymous services... I dont know what i should think about this, isnt there enough crime out there than should be stopped? instead of some heads working on their privacy :) 

police academy head on!

Have nice day my beloved Followers

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UPC Austria must block Kino.to

The Internet Service Provider UPC Austria, one of the fastest ISP's in Austria is forced to shut down DNS entries for kino.to so nobody from Austria whos ISP is UPC will be able to "find" stream movies anymore that were linked from Kino.to.

So long if you want ot watch Kino.to movies in the future, you should just look up wikipedia and check out what an Domain Name Service does and what it is - after you checked that just google the following:

After that your are on the safe side!

for everyone else who dont want to use this alternative, try to check out g-stream . in 

KEEP IT GOING FOLKS, have a nice day :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bing and Baidu vs Google!

Newest rumours around the chinese press release that there will be an fusion between Microsoft s bing and Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C., Credit Suisse First Boston s baidu!

This would look like this:

The Problem that comes with this new message, google will be cut off the Asian / Chinese market if this fusion will be a good coorporation. The big thing that comes up here, censorship -> google was censored by chinese government a few times in the past, so in future "baiding" will be an strong powerfull ... censored ... Meta Crawler ;)

Have a nice day Folks!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello guys, back after the long off-time of Blogger.com.

Today i read about an interesting open source software that could be interesting for everyone.
An interesting scenario took its place in New York/Canada

The SEO-Expert Sean Power was currently in Canada as somebody in Soho turned on his notebook what got stolen a few days ago.
So Sean is a user of the Powerfull Open-Source tool Prey.

Any mobile phone with open-source software running on could get in use of prey.

By the way, Sean got his notebook back, he ordered someone on twitter to get to the place his notebook was last spottet by prey. The police officers of New York dont mentioned to help him, cause he has not reported early enough that it got stolen.

Twitter could be real usefull in the future though as we see in this case  ;)

Main features of pray:

If you want to take a further look or maybe try it - get it here: prey project

Cheers and keep your hardware safe :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Apple is now "the" global prime brand

The last 4 years google was holding the first place on this ranking list, now the last days brandz.com decided to replace google with Apple, and as you can see here on their page were you can browse the top 100global brands and also read their report to it Brandz Top 100 / 2011 (Most valuable global brands)

 Also this video could be interesting - fast view through the Top 100 global brands.

Apple has grown about 84% the last year and so on they managed to get in this high position.
Steve Jobs says in an Interview: "Apple users feel their individuality and express them with apple products, this will continue"

The next upcoming candidate is Facebook they have grewn about 245% and this year is their first time on the Top 100 global brand list, they start there at the 35.th Place.

Have a nice day

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nokia announces new QT 5 Framework

Nokia have announced their plans for the year 2012 in desktop developing, they are planning to release the new Qt5 Framework for Linux their objectives for the next Release QT 5 are:

  • Make better use of the GPU, allowing you to create smooth (and accelerated) graphics performance even with limited resources;
  • Making your creation of advanced applications and UIs easier and faster (with QML and Javascript);
  • Make apps connected to the web be as powerful as possible, i.e. to embed and power up web content and services into any Qt app; and
  • Reduce the complexity and amount of code required to maintain and implement a port.

Nokia QT 5 Components for Desktop show off:


Youtube sucks so here is a screenshot of the Widgets and applets that will be possible, not so impressive as the video imho.

And thats how it looks on a MAC

If you are interested further continue reading: ROAD TO QT 5 by nokia labs


Diff and Patch a file in Linux

Yesterday i ran into an Problem, i needed to Burn an DVD+R DL and the file i needed to burn was at 300Mbytes and an DVD+R DL got a capacity of 8,4 Gbytes. So i used the standard GROWISOFS command to start a normal Burn i selected the file and i told me the following weird message:

growisofs: :( more than 50% of space will be *wasted*!
                      go use single layer disc for this!

My mind was, what the hack ?! Linux is Open Source but i never thought it is  ecofriendly, so tried a few commands but no way, it wont let me burn a DVD when about 50% of space will be wasted ...

 A search later i found an PATCH to apply to get rid of this problem. As follows this is the patch file needed to apply on the original growisofs_mmc.cpp before compiling the whole program.


--- growisofs_mmc.cpp.orig      Mon Dec 28 02:58:51 2009
+++ growisofs_mmc.cpp   Mon Dec 28 03:00:12 2009
@@ -1622,11 +1622,6 @@ static void plus_r_dl_split (Scsi_Command &cmd,off64_t
     blocks = size/2048;
     blocks += 15, blocks &= ~15;

-    if (blocks <= split)
-       fprintf (stderr,":-( more than 50%% of space will be *wasted*!\n"
-                       "    use single layer media for this recording\n"),
     blocks /= 16;
     blocks += 1;
     blocks /= 2;
@@ -2059,10 +2054,6 @@ pwrite64_t poor_mans_setup (void *fd,off64_t leadout)
                layer_size |= dvd_10[4+14]<<8,
                layer_size |= dvd_10[4+15];

-               if (data_size <= layer_size)
-                   fprintf (stderr,":-( more than 50%% of space will be *wasted*!\n"
-                                   "    use single layer media for this recording\n"),
-                   exit(FATAL_START(EMEDIUMTYPE));
            if (is_dao && leadout)

So to apply this simple patch file to our  growisofs_mmc.cpp we need to use the Program "patch" or "diff"
first i will guide you trough this patch file.

First Part:
--- growisofs_mmc.cpp.orig      Mon Dec 28 02:58:51 2009
+++ growisofs_mmc.cpp   Mon Dec 28 03:00:12 2009 

@@ -1622,11 +1622,6 @@ static void plus_r_dl_split (Scsi_Command &cmd,off64_t 

is the Description and some Info for the file itself, called lines of context...

Part Two:
the lines with an - in front of them are going to be deleted, the others are going to be changed.

So long we apply this patch with ->
patch growisofs_mmc.cpp < patch.txt
And voila this sould be the mesasge you'll get:
Hmm...  Looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:
|--- growisofs_mmc.cpp Sun Feb 26 19:35:43 2006
|+++ growisofs_mmc.cpp Sun Feb 26 19:35:14 2006
Patching file patchtest using Plan A...
Hunk #1 succeeded at 2.

The Google Patch :)

 No im able to waste Disks on my linux machine :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

XBOX 360, and some wasted brute disks!

My Xbox 360 an very old Model of it, i bought it in July 2006, it was the first Model with an Heat Pipe and also the new Hitachi DVD Drive, this version doesnt tend to get overheated and destroy itself :D so it runs and runs and runs till now.

The only Problem im facing right now is, my console needs around 15 Minutes to get warm before i can play any game. This means i insert an DVD and then i sit and press the A-Button on my wireless controller to let the drive eject and close again, yeah around 50 Times then it starts Reading the DVD and voila game is up and running.
After this treatment every game runs within the first 3 Tries the whole day, till i let my XBOX cool down around an hour or so.

Yesterday i thought PORTAL II is available for 360 and i thought, i must have it! Go and Buy!
But the Problem, Sunday no store got opened for me, so a called a friend of mine and i knew he bought it alredy ;) so i started over to him and asked if i can borrow the game.
Answer was no, cause he told me i never take care of this game and he newly bought it and dont want it to get wasted to fast by a person like mine. Uhm alright i said. Lets ->

So i flushed out of my pants an fresh Verbatim Dual DVD Layer brute and told hmi okay let me do a Backup and i take both games with me at home but i only will play the backup so your game will not be harmed! 
about an hour later i got a fresh Backup and an Original of Portal II 

Back home i tried to play the Backup - but then - my XBOX told me DVD Video ready to play.

I clicked Play a thousand times but it wasnt able to play that game, so i backed the original Up again and again and an fourth time again. And i wasnt able to figure out why it wouldnt work...

I backup the game using IMGBURN in Windows, but no Luck.
growisofs -speed=2 -dvd-compat -Z -use-the-force-luke=dao -use-the-force-luke=break:1913760 /dev/{{laufwerksname}}={{isoname}}.iso

I Used the Force of Luke with Linux but nothing else happened.
My last try was an APPLE Mac with OSX 10.3, no way to get an DUAL LAYER BREAK at the Point given for XBOX 360 games, so an OSX user would never have the chance to burn an 360 game in any way. I loughed myself a bit in this sad situation when the apple users began to talk about VDPC with WIN and DARWIN :)

Long Story short.
I lastly figured out why the game would not work on my console... So i have to tell you if you got the same Problem... Download this file here Activate_iso.rar and burn it like you would burn any game for Microsoft X360 i prefered IMG BURN on windows, cause there are some Special settings that should be done ...
After burning this 250 MB Image to an dual layer dvd you can insert it into your Xbox 360 and let it loud about 1 Minute after that put your Backupped game into your DVD Drive and voila :D it would load the game, no need of burning it 4 or 5 times ;)

use this settings for IMGBURN:

if you didnt got it right now and need further infos, i please you continue reading here -> WELL DONE
very well written article and some additional infos more than are written here, for trouble shooting you can also ask.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hack a PS3, with the best mobile Phone!

So i bought mysel an Nokia N900 about an year ago :)
I think it's the best phone on this Planet! It barely never died und the Software Repository for it is great and free for all, no buying anywhere, cause it is an 100% open source Software running on this Piece of fantastic Technique!
Here just take a look at this!

HAH an too one of the greatest videos ever be done for an Phone :) nice try from Nokia!

Now to hack a and free an Play Station 3 from Sony entertainment system you obnly have to install some Open source apps on your Phone! 

- Use at your own risk. (Although I can't think of anything bad that might happen)
- No Piracy tolerated. This should be used to Backup your precious bought games only.
- It is unknown what short term or long term effects this will have on online play, if at all.

This guide covers the matter in extensive detail. So even if you’ve never ventured with your N900 before, you’ll still be able to follow.

This guide will cause Pro users to bleed from their eyes

This guide will cover Jailbreaking your PS3 with the N900 using PSFreedom and installing and running the PSJailbreak Backup Manager(Working!!).


Give thanks to the Maker KaKaRoto:

Hardware you will need:

N900 (Should now work on Power and Regular Kernel)
PS3 with firmware 3.41 (I haven't tested on older)

PSFreedom Application Method - GUI:

Enable Extras-Devel Repository on your N900:

Application manager –> Application catalogs –> New
Catalog name: Maemo Extras-devel
Web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel/
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Let it update the catalogues. Then choose Download and find PSFreedom. Install it.

PSFreedom-GUI Creator Thread:

Proceed to the very bottom of this post for getting Backup Manager.

PSFreedom Manual Method - No GUI:

First we need to root your N900
Via N900 Download Manager, obtain and install rootsh:

Now we need to get SSH working on the n900:

Via N900 Download Manager, obtain and install OpenSSH:
It’ll prompt you to enter a password during install, use any password of your liking.

Connecting to your N900 via WinSCP:
Get WinSCP from:
Install it. And Launch it.

Make sure your N900 is connected to same WiFi as your PC.
Identify your N900s IP address . (You can find a nice widget for this HERE )

Launch WinSCP:

Hostname: IP of the N900 (Example:
Port: 22
Click login.
You’ll be promted for username and password. The username is root and the password is what you’ve entered earlier.

WinSCP will take you to the browsing panes.
Left Pane is your PC. Right Pane is your N900.

Identify which Kernel do you have on your N900:
In N900 Terminal Type:
uname -r
If it says something with "power" in it. It's Power.
2.6.28-omap1 is Regular

Back to WinSCP:

Browse to and Copy (F5) the 3 PSFreedom files from your PC to your N900s /root folder

psfreedom.ko, psfreedom-enable.sh, psfreedom-disable.sh

You can get these files by extracting the following archieves for each Kernel:

PSFreedom For Stock Kernel: (Patched For Backup Manager)

PSFreedom for Power Kernel: (Patched For Backup Manager)

Now close WinSCP

On your N900, Launch Terminal.
Then change the scripts into executables:

chmod +x psfreedom-enable.sh
chmod +x psfreedom-disable.sh
(You will get no output for these commands)
Now run the script:

(Nothing should happen, if you get an error: unable to insert “-”, you are running power kernel, you need to be running stock kernel or use the Power Kernel Driver)

Using PSFreedom on Your PS3:

Now. Unplug your ps3 from Power.
Connect then N900.
Plug back your PS3s power.
Click the Power button then quickly click and hold the Eject button (for maybe 7 seconds, if you hear 1 beep, let go).

How do you know you did it fast enough?

You won’t hear 2 beeps when you first hit the eject button. I prefer using both my hands

Nothing will seem to be happening. That’s fine. The n900 will show the Storage or PC Suite window. Then a warning about insufficient power.

How do you know it worked?

On the ps3, there should be a new option, under Game called: Install Packages.

Backup Manager:

You can get the Original Backup Manager from here:

There is also a "Stealth" Backup Manager if you'd like to Try. (Although its effectiveness is questionable) (Read about it Here):

Put the manager.pkg into the root of a separate storage media (USB Drive or HDD) other than N900. Plug that USB in the PS3. After that, you will see the package manager under *install packages files* on your PS3. Choose to install it.

Launch the Backup Manager which is now under Game. Preferably with a game inside your PS3

Note: You have to have an original game (Any) inserted to load a backup at all times.

Various Games Compatibility Charts:

PSX-Scene Chart
PS3-News Chart

Kudos to the Creater of PSFreedom. KaKaRoto
Kudos to MohammadAG for guidance
Kudos to Hopbeat and ps3n900 for Backup Manager Patch
Kudos to the N900

Good luck guys :D  
asuce: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=61669

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is Privacy Perfect?

Hey there! We live in strange times right now, about Censhorship also restrictions and deformations were met around the whole Planet Earth. In my Case im an Victim of the Upcoming VDS. In future my country Europe will save most Point to Point or even all connections from users to users over their isps, it's like the thing that is already donw with MobilePhone connections, @any Company youre in with your Mobile Phone (eg Orange) you can order a list of done Phonings - so they will get you an PDF with all your done Connections means:

  1. who you called
  2. when you called
  3. how long did it last
  4. where the call was taken from
Indeed Point 4 isnt strictly available everywhere and never for every one, but i don't like getting tracked and what they do right now is tracking.
I would say it's okay if a were a mountain climber anywhere up the Alps and can get lost from one day to another so i would appreciate tracking me so i can be found again...
But in my case my movement mostyl is mostly placed around and in my city, there are about 45 Mobile Phone trasnimmters and every i book into with my phone will know i was there. I dont like it - so i turn my Mobile phone when i go for a walk and not waiting for a call ;)

Now the Problem with internet connections i dont want them to be saved, i think my privacy will suffer from that, i also use a Wifi at my home, what if anyone hacks in uses it for illegal activities ?! they will get me for his fault! Hmpf i have to get rid of this and i found a very adorable useable full functionally solution for almost aevery country on this Planet!


This Company does the job the right way without getting too much provit out of it!
Only thing they want to server is Privacy, privacy available for everyone not only for the Big guys on out planet!

Have you ever thought if you buy a pre paid mobile phone with an pre paid sim and would only use it once and trhrow it away after use, no one could kepp track of you or even get any information, but for people as like i am this would be tooo expensive in any way, i have to keep my pre paid phone off to not get tracked and i only activate it a few days per month not too much activity and always from another place is best you could do!

Like using Perfect Privacy as your proxy, vpn, ipsec, ssh tunnel or anything else you would be glad they forward your traffic from mostly every of the following countries to any ip adress on the planet you like!
No censoship no logging!

This is a map of their current server lcoations, with every new user they get the servers would expand over the Planet

You can pay for your security really highly anonym! You can send Money over Postal tho this company it takes some time but keeps you 100% secure! Private! Mostyl Untrackable!

Great service maybe you wanna join ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Derefer, manipulate the past!

Today i went onto derefering my self and wondered what posibilitys i got to do so.
In the past i always was in user with anonym.to it's an very simple service that will take out your dereffering string, your browser sends to an page when you Visit it. It's like getting an Stamp into an Passport, you visit "google.com" they Stamp your Firefox with their adress/ip und Tag it with "referer" the next Page you will get to can ask for this Value to check - where are my Visitors coming from. So its like in real life :)
Just think you came from home a little late to work, your referer is home (maybe you got a lazy "time"stamp in your face, you have to shower or freshen you up to get rid of this, very unfomfortable eh? ) your boss asks you, "where do you went? you were not in work the last minutes" so its's your turn, you can tell him "I'm coming from home" (real referer) or just say, whatever you want but doent user the word "home" anonymize you tell him: "im coming from the Bus as every day, and yeah this lazy bus driver as every day, drove me nuts" 

You see what happens after your dereferring is'nt that bad ;) we all should derefer a lot more! 

Keep in mind, You should know where you came from - no one else ;) and you know your Referer so you can always Post it along, just don't derefer it.

 So you want to derefer on the net on your own, you have blog or an web presence lets go und get this small piece of code onto it for automatic dereferring:

<title>you are being redirected</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; URL=http://www.example.com" />
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
window.setTimeout('window.location.href="http://www.example.com";', 1000 * 2);

<p>you are being redirected to:<br />
  <a href="http://www.example.com">http://www.example.com</a></p>
So i got another piece of code for your to fille in dereferrer links on your site/blog:
1. Javascript 
<script language="JavaScript">
function derefer(strUrl)
  return "http://www.dereferer.org/?"+escape(strUrl);

<a href="http://www.example.com" 
   return false;">Link</a>
2. PHP
function derefer($strUrl)
  return "http://www.dereferer.org/?".urlencode($strUrl);

<a href="<?= derefer("http://www.example.com") ?>">Link</a>
3. ASP
function derefer(strUrl)
  derefer = "http://www.dereferer.org/?" & server.urlencode(strUrl)
end function

<a href="<%= derefer("http://www.example.com") %>">Link</a>  
Quell: http://dereferer.org 
 Now we keep going with a few dereferer Sites for get in use as Quick as possible:
http://anonym.to/   ******Favorite
example: http://anonym.to/?http://derefer.org

example: http://www.dereferer.org/?anonym%2Eto 
example: http://dereferer.ws/?http://anonym.to

example: http://kku.cc/en.php?nick=http%3A%2F%2Ftest.com

example: http://noref-service.org/?site=http://anonym.to

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Will Torrenting over UDP kill the Internet?

Torrenting here and there, it's said that P2P traffic uses more than a half of the whole internet Traffic that is done around this world! So the big part of this is handled via die TCP Protocoll based on QOS technologies which claim to hold Torrenting and other Transfers around 1024+ Port Numbers "low" or keep em "bulk" so on if an higher Priorized service will step in, it's bandwith amound will be drained und used for the higher Priorized service, eg TCP P 80,8080,81 (<=1024).

Nice system, it works for so long and nobody ever is really influenced by that large amount of Traffic all over the world.

TCP has become such a star because it ensures reliable and orderly delivery of information. It is responsible for initiating, negotiating and maintaining a connection to virtually any server with the guarantee that information won’t be corrupted when it is sent or received. This error correction and avoidance comes at the expense of speed, as parties participating in the exchange of traffic must yield bandwidth to the overhead of reliable delivery.
Meanwhile, TCP’s counterpart, the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), another member of the IP suite, comprises less than 2% of all traffic generated today. It has fallen into relative disfavor because it guarantees neither the delivery nor integrity of the data it is charged with managing. While it has become the transport — that is, sending and receiving — protocol of choice for delay-sensitive services like IPTV, VoIP and online gaming, its unreliability has made it a poor choice for web serving, email, or other bulk data delivery services.

I started to play around with my rtorrent.rc config file to see if i can improve anything, and got across this little option: Rtorrent.RC config file 

Dont know where this option will lead me and if i will be an part of the Internet killers in the future :) so i take a look what will happen.

I only miss the option disable TCP Trackers ^^

64# Set whetever the client should try to connect to UDP trackers.
65#use_udp_trackers = yes

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pic hosting, its essential


Due to this first Post on this Blog i barely quick found that Pics are essentiel.

Pics just gives a Blog a good flow und i hop it will get this good to come

Quite old Picture i found on my crappy machine ;) enjoy

Hosting this piece any where i'll tell you where

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probs to AZay17
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@jux, thanks!
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