Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On line data storage solution dropbox code fails, logins messed!

The on line data storage data backup service DROPBOX got in serious security trouble this week.
on line data storage backup service
Dropbox op posted on their blog that a massive security hole because of trouble with dropbox codes occured - every user of the storage service was able to log in with any password in any account - the security of the storage service totally failed and let every user in and take a look at any data provided on the internet backup service.

For over 4 hours the error was present and the backup service provider claims that around 1% of users logged in in this time to their drop box account. So maybe there happened no violation or abuses.
everythings alright
In fact be care when uploading data any where to the net or any online storage provider! As long they are not encrypted your data can seriusly be harmed or abused!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Internet phone services skype , sources sold to russia!

The internet phone service skype, which is an voip service, not an business voip at all but a realiable cheap voip service for personal use.
voip service
 In fact phoning from one skype user to another is for free, as most internet phone services out there, best way of usage is via broadband, so call it broadband phone if you like to.

broadband voip services
 The russian new vedomosti and the press agency bloomberg are today talking about an cooperation between microsofts skype and the russian secret service FSB. If its real what they say, microsoft is willing to handle out parts of the source code to FSB, wouldnt be nice in any way... KGB reloaded!
voip kgb
So this VOIP service got compromitted! RIP, the code will be out all over soon i think.

GVU accident , DDOS started site down , a few hours after got busted!

GVU webpresence is accidentially not reachable anymore, the reason is it got DDOSD obviously by fans of cause the site got down a few hours after the message made it around the globe that 13 people where looked up in jail, including the operator of

The servers seem up now again but the DDOS remained the whole night until 8am in the morning, some statements are also readable around the net saying "We will be back" obviously posted by members of the platform
ddos tux

by the way check out you would probably like the site if you where a fan.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 raid and busted, 13 People arrested! is dead for now! Accident happend lawyer needed! has today been defaced and the page has been replaced by the german criminal police!
More than 250 Police officers 20 Special forces for internet security and information raided the whole company.
Further many streamhosting pages got taken down as well, they didnt get raided by the police train accident, but many providers closed their web presence.

Police demands their work with:
To raise suspicion development of an criminal organisation to commercial handling of illegal or copyrighted material and in effect getting funds from this system. simply: copyright violation

in long study case, police found that hosts many streaming hosts by itself to keep the site running so they are directly  responsible for most of the content they hosted!

Layer 8 train accident attorney , technic works human failed!

As for now i bring this back up cause i want to show again human brains are tend to fail machines ever work their process, train accident humans can be train d to override accidents but as here in attorny this failed.
 Poor fail again when humans fail at computing or at operating machines, terribly this happens in the worst case when  humans do big things, flying a jet plane, driving a train, moving a crane - for this case every of this big big machine has its own technical system to help the user out when his brain cant get it anymore. Train accident could probably be stopped by a pedal the driver always has to push to keep the train running or as its on air jet plane the pilot needs to be in contact with an tower or officer to make sure he is a awake and alife.
Accident claim could be a big fail and also in future it could harm innocent people, so in this case get a lawyer probably an accident lawyer to fit and fight your rights.

26 people were killed and approximately 130 more were injured when a Metrolink commuter train crashed head-on into a freight train outside of Los Angeles on September 12, 2008. The crash may have been preventable, as preliminary investigations are revealing that the Metrolink conductor failed to stop at a red signal. Even more devastating is the fact that the conductor’s failure to stop could have been due to him being distractied while text messaging.

Damn  this got me to think, cheers folks and check your insurances ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Graphic cards gpu technology breaks passwords faster than every cpu!

I got around the progtram IGHASHGPU  and rapidly found that graphic cards gpus shouldnt be underrated these days! 

An AMD Radeon 5770 can crack an standard password with 5 characters in under one second, a normal cpu with about 3GHz would need to spend about 24 seconds on thsi operation.
Another password with about 6 characters uses an normal CPU about 1 and a half hour, while the GPU of the Radeon 5770 manages to crack this word in ~4 seconds.
With an passwort with 7 chars where one is an space, an normal CPU would need about 75 days for this operation, our GPU fucks the password up in about ~7 hours! 
multiple gpu

So in future if we think of an SLI moded Graphiccard with more power than this mid-range card we used here, passwords could be breaked really fast in no time, what took as about 50 years for now can be done i about 5 weeks or less depending on the GPU powers...

so long here is an crack report of multiple GPUS with IGHASHGPU:
for example, result for HD5770+HD4770+8600GT looks like:

***      MD4/MD5/SHA1 GPU Password Recovery v0.70.48.4       ***
***    For ATI RV 7X0 cards and nVidia 'CUDA' ones (G80+)    ***
***      (c) 2009-2010 Ivan Golubev,      ***
***             see "readme.htm" for more details            ***
*** Any commercial use of this program is strictly forbidden ***

Found 2 CAL device(s)
Found 1 CUDA device(s)
Starting brute-force attack, Charset Len = 36, Min passlen = 4, 
Max passlen = 7
Charset (unicode -> 0) [abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789]
Charset in HEX: 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6a 6b 6c 6d 6e 6f 
70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 7a 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
Starting from [aaaa]
Hash type: MD5, Hash: cbe1d6d5800ec1e03a5f2a64882a0d41
We're running at ATI and NVIDIA GPUs simultaneously.
Device #0: [RV830] 850.00 Mhz 800 SP
Device #1: [RV7x0] 750.00 Mhz 640 SP
Device #2: [GeForce 8600 GT] 1188.00 Mhz 32 SP
Hardware monitoring disabled.
CURPWD: 66owsnc DONE: 51.02% 
ETA: 13s CURSPD: 2756.0M=1646.0M+1017.4M+92.6M
Found password: [roger15], HEX: 72 6f 67 65 72 31 35
Processed 42 228 252 672 passwords in 16s.
Thus, 2 731 452 307 password(s) per second in average. 
Gert some GPUS get yourself an lawyer, an insurance, some passwords and crack the hell out of em! CHEERS
 As my picture above describes, i will get me a bunch of tramadol or zolpidem and chill out till my 12 char pw got cracked =P cheers folks!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cisco announces filesharing technology will hit upwards till 2015!

Cisco announces filesahring and its traffic will double up till 2015.

Cisco announces a new study in technology around the internet every few years and thsi year the news tell us that file sahring will go straight upwards and double up till 2015.
Sharing grows in an big dimension, long story short this is what Ciscos Visual Networking Index told us.

Constructive Economy tries to set file sharing to an state of an bad view, it tries to promote it as something simple cruel bad, but they fail in any way :) sharing isnt that bad and its the main part of the internet.

In 2015 there should flow about 13.797 Petabyte around the globe for filesharing
and in 2010 it was around 5.000 Petabyte - this upgoing traffic is massive.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sony got hacked again and again and again...

Yesterday a new sony hack came up, the company got hacked again and around 20.000 free music coupons and user data has been released on the web. Another massive leak and it seems that sony really doesnt care about security nor their users and payers...

              _.--| LOL |:                    
   The               ;..__..'    _...         
    Lulz           ,'/  ;|/..--''    \        
     Boat        ,'_/.-/':            :       
            _..-'''/  /  |  \    \   _|/|     
           \      /-./_ \;   \    \,;'   \    
           ,\    / \:  `:\    \   //    `:`.  
         ,'  \  /-._;   | :    : ::    ,.   . 
       ,'     ::   /`-._| |    | || ' :  `.`.)
    _,'       |;._:: |  | |    | `|   :    `' 
  ,'   `.     /   |`-:_ ; |    |  |  : \      
  `--.   )   /|-._:    :          |   \ \     
     /  /   :_|   ;`-._;   __..--';    : :    
    /  (    ;|;-./_  _/.-:'o |   /     ' |    
   /  , \._/_/_./--''/_|:|___|_,'        |    
  :  /   `'-'--'----'---------'          |    
  | :     O ._O   O_. O ._O   O_.      ; ;    
  : `.      //    //    //    //     ,' /     
          //    //~   //    //                
   ~~   _//   _//   _// ~ _//     ~           
 ~     / /   / /   / /   / /  ~      ~~       
      ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 
The LULZSEC crew has broken into
„Sony Pictures International“ 
„Sony Music Netherland“ 
„Sony Music Belgium“ 
Actual news about the leak can be found here:!/lulzsec
LULZSEC announced that the are waiting for some donations 
via bit coins yesterday evenening.
Today at 10:00 am they posted: "We will take a break and 
then the hacks will continue, thnaks for donation"
Really another bad sad day for the sony entertainment 
system and their workers
especially the security advisors ;) 

Mac Defender kills Apples Security!

The well known scareware mac defender that has been around the last few days, was to be killed by Mac OSX Security Update 2011-003 but the scareware developer team killed the security suite within 8 hours! Apples Security suite isn't able to track MAC Defender anymore and the app looks legit again.
A new race has began between Mac OSX Developers and the on the come scareware team. Windows users now can look at apple mac osx with an smile ;) the malware future has begun and there are more to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Next level Cyberwar is coming up!

Cold war is approaching again,
this time the war starts on another level, on the world wide web overall the planet. Nations begin to recruit and train personal especially for cyber war bzw counter cyber war. I think many big Companys are involved cause the most well trained computer experts on our planet rule the security in such companies. Training new people is definatly impossible if you want em to learn security technics @ computing without relaying knowledge.
So this is the point where the recruiting jumps in.
2 Countries are rapidly starting to recruit computer experts in security especially for cyber fights and domination on the internet.

Today we have KOREA vs BRITAIN



 Im still wondering what this will be in the end but im sure - cyber is on the come - and we are in the middle of it ;) maybe an MITN should be globally done.

WE are watching you the globe is fully wired, the forces are able to get everywhere, no mountain, no hill, no sea, no river can stop us - the globe is wired.

Go Britain !
Im acting patriotic here, tell me what you think.

Cheers folks