Wednesday, June 8, 2011 raid and busted, 13 People arrested! is dead for now! Accident happend lawyer needed! has today been defaced and the page has been replaced by the german criminal police!
More than 250 Police officers 20 Special forces for internet security and information raided the whole company.
Further many streamhosting pages got taken down as well, they didnt get raided by the police train accident, but many providers closed their web presence.

Police demands their work with:
To raise suspicion development of an criminal organisation to commercial handling of illegal or copyrighted material and in effect getting funds from this system. simply: copyright violation

in long study case, police found that hosts many streaming hosts by itself to keep the site running so they are directly  responsible for most of the content they hosted!


  1. Another movie site bites the dust, however, when one of those things die its like 2 more step up in its place.

  2. Where one falls, two more shall take it's place!

  3. i like that little lego-policeman-riot-guy :D

  4. Interesting never even heard of this site. Sucks for them.

  5. whoa ive never heard of