Thursday, June 9, 2011

Internet phone services skype , sources sold to russia!

The internet phone service skype, which is an voip service, not an business voip at all but a realiable cheap voip service for personal use.
voip service
 In fact phoning from one skype user to another is for free, as most internet phone services out there, best way of usage is via broadband, so call it broadband phone if you like to.

broadband voip services
 The russian new vedomosti and the press agency bloomberg are today talking about an cooperation between microsofts skype and the russian secret service FSB. If its real what they say, microsoft is willing to handle out parts of the source code to FSB, wouldnt be nice in any way... KGB reloaded!
voip kgb
So this VOIP service got compromitted! RIP, the code will be out all over soon i think.


  1. Skype is great, I use it daily!

  2. Russia will own us all! no wonder skype works like shit for the last couple of days

  3. Russia and MS together?

    Oh the horror!

  4. it's great technology. Can't blame the Russians for realising it.

  5. Oh no. Ha i'm sure well all be fine.

  6. KGB still watching you, priceless.

  7. I thought Microsoft bought skype? What going on? ;o