Friday, June 3, 2011

Mac Defender kills Apples Security!

The well known scareware mac defender that has been around the last few days, was to be killed by Mac OSX Security Update 2011-003 but the scareware developer team killed the security suite within 8 hours! Apples Security suite isn't able to track MAC Defender anymore and the app looks legit again.
A new race has began between Mac OSX Developers and the on the come scareware team. Windows users now can look at apple mac osx with an smile ;) the malware future has begun and there are more to come!


  1. So Mac declered a war against apple? :)

  2. It was only a matter of interest from hackers, and now that Mac users are fat and complacent with the idea they are immune, the time is ripe for pillaging their wares and taking them for what they are worth!

  3. Eh. I use a PC, I'm not happy about this. They pay extra and didn't expect this crap. I'd be upset.

  4. @Xenototh
    Simply right!
    Also the consumers on apple products are still on the rise, thousands of iphones selled every single day - we all wait for the big bang :D
    like in good old times "i love you" did it on windows ;)