Thursday, June 9, 2011

GVU accident , DDOS started site down , a few hours after got busted!

GVU webpresence is accidentially not reachable anymore, the reason is it got DDOSD obviously by fans of cause the site got down a few hours after the message made it around the globe that 13 people where looked up in jail, including the operator of

The servers seem up now again but the DDOS remained the whole night until 8am in the morning, some statements are also readable around the net saying "We will be back" obviously posted by members of the platform
ddos tux

by the way check out you would probably like the site if you where a fan.


  1. you need to be careful who you muck with on the internet. There are some powerful people out there

  2. Wow so they where jailed? Fuuu

  3. Great, checking out the website now!

  4. omg they are selling everything