Monday, June 6, 2011

Cisco announces filesharing technology will hit upwards till 2015!

Cisco announces filesahring and its traffic will double up till 2015.

Cisco announces a new study in technology around the internet every few years and thsi year the news tell us that file sahring will go straight upwards and double up till 2015.
Sharing grows in an big dimension, long story short this is what Ciscos Visual Networking Index told us.

Constructive Economy tries to set file sharing to an state of an bad view, it tries to promote it as something simple cruel bad, but they fail in any way :) sharing isnt that bad and its the main part of the internet.

In 2015 there should flow about 13.797 Petabyte around the globe for filesharing
and in 2010 it was around 5.000 Petabyte - this upgoing traffic is massive.


  1. if big companies stopped ripping people off, would be no need to file share

  2. We should all follow Spain's footsteps from now and get it over with. >.>

  3. this is awesome news, more people who share the more stuff we share

  4. itll never slow down! interesting blog, following!

  5. It would take pretty monumental action to crush file sharing. I don't see that happening.

  6. Sharing is caring indeed, i love me some torrentz.