Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Graphic cards gpu technology breaks passwords faster than every cpu!

I got around the progtram IGHASHGPU  and rapidly found that graphic cards gpus shouldnt be underrated these days! 

An AMD Radeon 5770 can crack an standard password with 5 characters in under one second, a normal cpu with about 3GHz would need to spend about 24 seconds on thsi operation.
Another password with about 6 characters uses an normal CPU about 1 and a half hour, while the GPU of the Radeon 5770 manages to crack this word in ~4 seconds.
With an passwort with 7 chars where one is an space, an normal CPU would need about 75 days for this operation, our GPU fucks the password up in about ~7 hours! 
multiple gpu

So in future if we think of an SLI moded Graphiccard with more power than this mid-range card we used here, passwords could be breaked really fast in no time, what took as about 50 years for now can be done i about 5 weeks or less depending on the GPU powers...

so long here is an crack report of multiple GPUS with IGHASHGPU:
for example, result for HD5770+HD4770+8600GT looks like:

***      MD4/MD5/SHA1 GPU Password Recovery v0.70.48.4       ***
***    For ATI RV 7X0 cards and nVidia 'CUDA' ones (G80+)    ***
***      (c) 2009-2010 Ivan Golubev, http://golubev.com      ***
***             see "readme.htm" for more details            ***
*** Any commercial use of this program is strictly forbidden ***

Found 2 CAL device(s)
Found 1 CUDA device(s)
Starting brute-force attack, Charset Len = 36, Min passlen = 4, 
Max passlen = 7
Charset (unicode -> 0) [abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789]
Charset in HEX: 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6a 6b 6c 6d 6e 6f 
70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 7a 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
Starting from [aaaa]
Hash type: MD5, Hash: cbe1d6d5800ec1e03a5f2a64882a0d41
We're running at ATI and NVIDIA GPUs simultaneously.
Device #0: [RV830] 850.00 Mhz 800 SP
Device #1: [RV7x0] 750.00 Mhz 640 SP
Device #2: [GeForce 8600 GT] 1188.00 Mhz 32 SP
Hardware monitoring disabled.
CURPWD: 66owsnc DONE: 51.02% 
ETA: 13s CURSPD: 2756.0M=1646.0M+1017.4M+92.6M
Found password: [roger15], HEX: 72 6f 67 65 72 31 35
Processed 42 228 252 672 passwords in 16s.
Thus, 2 731 452 307 password(s) per second in average. 
Gert some GPUS get yourself an lawyer, an insurance, some passwords and crack the hell out of em! CHEERS
 As my picture above describes, i will get me a bunch of tramadol or zolpidem and chill out till my 12 char pw got cracked =P cheers folks!


  1. pff that's amazing! but my graphic card is gettin old :)

  2. that is extremely power stuff!

  3. It's surprising to see a video card calculating this particular thing faster than a processor, pretty cool info.

  4. It is because graphics cards use a floating point cpu and not a math co processor.

  5. Forcing passwords, such a brutal method! I prefer to use a keylogger and be as subtle as possible. :P Still, guess this means I need to invest in a better graphics card.

  6. o-o you'll be having fun...

  7. Mythbusters did a good comparison between CPU and GPU. CPU does one thing, in a linear fashion where GPU does everything it can at once.

  8. my graphiccard is so old i think it needs longerthan my cpu...

  9. Good to know. Some NVIDIA cards provide extra performance boosts for some audio engineering applications.