Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Next level Cyberwar is coming up!

Cold war is approaching again,
this time the war starts on another level, on the world wide web overall the planet. Nations begin to recruit and train personal especially for cyber war bzw counter cyber war. I think many big Companys are involved cause the most well trained computer experts on our planet rule the security in such companies. Training new people is definatly impossible if you want em to learn security technics @ computing without relaying knowledge.
So this is the point where the recruiting jumps in.
2 Countries are rapidly starting to recruit computer experts in security especially for cyber fights and domination on the internet.

Today we have KOREA vs BRITAIN



 Im still wondering what this will be in the end but im sure - cyber is on the come - and we are in the middle of it ;) maybe an MITN should be globally done.

WE are watching you the globe is fully wired, the forces are able to get everywhere, no mountain, no hill, no sea, no river can stop us - the globe is wired.

Go Britain !
Im acting patriotic here, tell me what you think.

Cheers folks


  1. You are right, it is coming but the countries with the most open rules about the internet are the ones that will have the most highly trained security experts. Where is google, 3com, cisco, microsoft etc... located?

  2. as scary as that is, its really exciting

  3. fucking joke, just like Al-quaida...They need to keep people in a constant state of fear in order to impose draconian laws.

  4. is this a what if thing here or wha o.o

  5. Very interesting. States would probably win because they have the largest technology sector.