Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fujitsu Siemens's Erase Disk launched!

The Company Fujitsu Siemens Augsburg has invented an new Addon to all their mobile computer series. An tool called "erase disk" is implemented in bios and uefi.

With this tool its possible to erase your whole disk with 5 different algorythms that will wipe anyhting out of them.
First i thought, umm nothing special, but to do a normal disk erasment you need a proper running OS or an boot disk with the lagorithms on it to delete a disk.
With Fujitsus new tool "erase disk" its possible to erase any disk though in that case if no OS or no proper installed OS is running on the Notebook/Computer
The 4 used algorythms are:
  • Zero Pattern (1 pass) 
  • German BSI/VSITR (7 passes)
  • DoD 5220.22-M ECE (7 passes) 
  • Guttmann (35 passes)
This will depending on disk space take 1 to 10 minutes per Gigabyte for erasment.

With this tool its possible to wipe IDE, SATA including Raid systems but no solid state drives.

Fujitsu has invented an real economy product here, i can remember when a disk of mine was broken i always borke it a lot more to get it wasted unrecoverable and the moved to trash that nobody can find it =P

Cheers folks!


  1. oh wow , i guess that could come in handy at some point :O not sure how often I would really use it though :P nice find however.

  2. good you should be able to easily wipe data

  3. this may prove useful one day

  4. NICE! This is just a company helping out its customers... Good on them.

  5. Interesting find there, thanks. followed +1

  6. Interesting. I can see this coming in andy maybe.

  7. which algo does format c: use?

  8. @noises
    quick formatting "format c:" does nothing more than deleting index entries so the files are still alive but cant be found without reindexing...