Friday, May 6, 2011

Derefer, manipulate the past!

Today i went onto derefering my self and wondered what posibilitys i got to do so.
In the past i always was in user with it's an very simple service that will take out your dereffering string, your browser sends to an page when you Visit it. It's like getting an Stamp into an Passport, you visit "" they Stamp your Firefox with their adress/ip und Tag it with "referer" the next Page you will get to can ask for this Value to check - where are my Visitors coming from. So its like in real life :)
Just think you came from home a little late to work, your referer is home (maybe you got a lazy "time"stamp in your face, you have to shower or freshen you up to get rid of this, very unfomfortable eh? ) your boss asks you, "where do you went? you were not in work the last minutes" so its's your turn, you can tell him "I'm coming from home" (real referer) or just say, whatever you want but doent user the word "home" anonymize you tell him: "im coming from the Bus as every day, and yeah this lazy bus driver as every day, drove me nuts" 

You see what happens after your dereferring is'nt that bad ;) we all should derefer a lot more! 

Keep in mind, You should know where you came from - no one else ;) and you know your Referer so you can always Post it along, just don't derefer it.

 So you want to derefer on the net on your own, you have blog or an web presence lets go und get this small piece of code onto it for automatic dereferring:

<title>you are being redirected</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; URL=" />
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
window.setTimeout('window.location.href="";', 1000 * 2);

<p>you are being redirected to:<br />
  <a href=""></a></p>
So i got another piece of code for your to fille in dereferrer links on your site/blog:
1. Javascript 
<script language="JavaScript">
function derefer(strUrl)
  return ""+escape(strUrl);

<a href="" 
   return false;">Link</a>
2. PHP
function derefer($strUrl)
  return "".urlencode($strUrl);

<a href="<?= derefer("") ?>">Link</a>
3. ASP
function derefer(strUrl)
  derefer = "" & server.urlencode(strUrl)
end function

<a href="<%= derefer("") %>">Link</a>  
 Now we keep going with a few dereferer Sites for get in use as Quick as possible:   ******Favorite


  1. i dont get it. if i go to your website u derefere me to your site anonym again?

  2. @Noises
    no not like this, a dereferer only changes de dereferer tag that tells the upcomin webpage where you came from, in this case you came from my site if you use it as a dereferer

  3. Thanks, This was very helpful!

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  5. totally agree with you. also nice pieces of code, great hints

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