Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hack a PS3, with the best mobile Phone!

So i bought mysel an Nokia N900 about an year ago :)
I think it's the best phone on this Planet! It barely never died und the Software Repository for it is great and free for all, no buying anywhere, cause it is an 100% open source Software running on this Piece of fantastic Technique!
Here just take a look at this!

HAH an too one of the greatest videos ever be done for an Phone :) nice try from Nokia!

Now to hack a and free an Play Station 3 from Sony entertainment system you obnly have to install some Open source apps on your Phone! 

- Use at your own risk. (Although I can't think of anything bad that might happen)
- No Piracy tolerated. This should be used to Backup your precious bought games only.
- It is unknown what short term or long term effects this will have on online play, if at all.

This guide covers the matter in extensive detail. So even if you’ve never ventured with your N900 before, you’ll still be able to follow.

This guide will cause Pro users to bleed from their eyes

This guide will cover Jailbreaking your PS3 with the N900 using PSFreedom and installing and running the PSJailbreak Backup Manager(Working!!).


Give thanks to the Maker KaKaRoto:

Hardware you will need:

N900 (Should now work on Power and Regular Kernel)
PS3 with firmware 3.41 (I haven't tested on older)

PSFreedom Application Method - GUI:

Enable Extras-Devel Repository on your N900:

Application manager –> Application catalogs –> New
Catalog name: Maemo Extras-devel
Web address:
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Let it update the catalogues. Then choose Download and find PSFreedom. Install it.

PSFreedom-GUI Creator Thread:

Proceed to the very bottom of this post for getting Backup Manager.

PSFreedom Manual Method - No GUI:

First we need to root your N900
Via N900 Download Manager, obtain and install rootsh:

Now we need to get SSH working on the n900:

Via N900 Download Manager, obtain and install OpenSSH:
It’ll prompt you to enter a password during install, use any password of your liking.

Connecting to your N900 via WinSCP:
Get WinSCP from:
Install it. And Launch it.

Make sure your N900 is connected to same WiFi as your PC.
Identify your N900s IP address . (You can find a nice widget for this HERE )

Launch WinSCP:

Hostname: IP of the N900 (Example:
Port: 22
Click login.
You’ll be promted for username and password. The username is root and the password is what you’ve entered earlier.

WinSCP will take you to the browsing panes.
Left Pane is your PC. Right Pane is your N900.

Identify which Kernel do you have on your N900:
In N900 Terminal Type:
uname -r
If it says something with "power" in it. It's Power.
2.6.28-omap1 is Regular

Back to WinSCP:

Browse to and Copy (F5) the 3 PSFreedom files from your PC to your N900s /root folder


You can get these files by extracting the following archieves for each Kernel:

PSFreedom For Stock Kernel: (Patched For Backup Manager)

PSFreedom for Power Kernel: (Patched For Backup Manager)

Now close WinSCP

On your N900, Launch Terminal.
Then change the scripts into executables:

chmod +x
chmod +x
(You will get no output for these commands)
Now run the script:

(Nothing should happen, if you get an error: unable to insert “-”, you are running power kernel, you need to be running stock kernel or use the Power Kernel Driver)

Using PSFreedom on Your PS3:

Now. Unplug your ps3 from Power.
Connect then N900.
Plug back your PS3s power.
Click the Power button then quickly click and hold the Eject button (for maybe 7 seconds, if you hear 1 beep, let go).

How do you know you did it fast enough?

You won’t hear 2 beeps when you first hit the eject button. I prefer using both my hands

Nothing will seem to be happening. That’s fine. The n900 will show the Storage or PC Suite window. Then a warning about insufficient power.

How do you know it worked?

On the ps3, there should be a new option, under Game called: Install Packages.

Backup Manager:

You can get the Original Backup Manager from here:

There is also a "Stealth" Backup Manager if you'd like to Try. (Although its effectiveness is questionable) (Read about it Here):

Put the manager.pkg into the root of a separate storage media (USB Drive or HDD) other than N900. Plug that USB in the PS3. After that, you will see the package manager under *install packages files* on your PS3. Choose to install it.

Launch the Backup Manager which is now under Game. Preferably with a game inside your PS3

Note: You have to have an original game (Any) inserted to load a backup at all times.

Various Games Compatibility Charts:

PSX-Scene Chart
PS3-News Chart

Kudos to the Creater of PSFreedom. KaKaRoto
Kudos to MohammadAG for guidance
Kudos to Hopbeat and ps3n900 for Backup Manager Patch
Kudos to the N900

Good luck guys :D  


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