Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UPC Austria must block Kino.to

The Internet Service Provider UPC Austria, one of the fastest ISP's in Austria is forced to shut down DNS entries for kino.to so nobody from Austria whos ISP is UPC will be able to "find" stream movies anymore that were linked from Kino.to.

So long if you want ot watch Kino.to movies in the future, you should just look up wikipedia and check out what an Domain Name Service does and what it is - after you checked that just google the following:

After that your are on the safe side!

for everyone else who dont want to use this alternative, try to check out g-stream . in 

KEEP IT GOING FOLKS, have a nice day :)


  1. does upc block kino.to with their dns server?

  2. That's pretty harsh.. censoring the website, but for whoever is looking for an alternative to kino . to might either go with gstream . in as logo already mentioned or, my personal favourite, c1neon . com!

  3. External DNS services that are public like google are going to be the wave of the future as more countries try and regulate the internet...

  4. Good tip there bro, i have noticed that its starting, Internet censoring that is, i didnt gave it much thought China did it first with its Great firewall but it is spreading.

  5. there are so much more options