Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello guys, back after the long off-time of

Today i read about an interesting open source software that could be interesting for everyone.
An interesting scenario took its place in New York/Canada

The SEO-Expert Sean Power was currently in Canada as somebody in Soho turned on his notebook what got stolen a few days ago.
So Sean is a user of the Powerfull Open-Source tool Prey.

Any mobile phone with open-source software running on could get in use of prey.

By the way, Sean got his notebook back, he ordered someone on twitter to get to the place his notebook was last spottet by prey. The police officers of New York dont mentioned to help him, cause he has not reported early enough that it got stolen.

Twitter could be real usefull in the future though as we see in this case  ;)

Main features of pray:

If you want to take a further look or maybe try it - get it here: prey project

Cheers and keep your hardware safe :)


  1. thx for info dude :)

  2. hehe i like the feature to take a pic of thief over laptops webcam

  3. I recommend it! Tested it out and everything, have actually forgotten about it since. Good stuff.

  4. Welcome back! And this is a really awesome and promising software. Especially for kids in high school, their things get stolen the most. And it sucks droppin 200 bucks and a nice brand new phone or 500 on a laptop and some douche stealing it. Anyway, great post keep up the good work. Following for sure=) check out my blog sometime too!

  5. glad you're back man :) like the blog...following :)

  6. anti-theft for your phone...awesome