Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apply credit card, loans, bad credit, is it safe?

Apply credit card is risky in these days, low interest credit cards shouldnt be given, hackers were always aware of the benefits of the global credit cards suppliers as also the attractive cash back credit cards got into points to be a easy to use cash out service.

Credit card hacking, stealing, selling and frauding is around since ages, as i know its been around since credit cards offers are around. Loans are aspecially developed systems to enslave humans and why shouldnt human missuse this. Someone thought someone got used to it.

As the web presence presents the statistics for the last months most used payments and usements for credit cards.
Credit Card Rate Report

Updated: 06-30-2011
National Average 14.75%
Low Interest 10.73%
Balance Transfer 12.78%
Business 13.07%
Student 13.77%
Cash Back 13.90%
Reward 14.28%
Airline 14.31%
Instant Approval 15.99%
Bad Credit 24.96%

On bottom you can see BAD CREDIT is the main usement of credit cards. These are loans that are payed by fees and are so called throw away credit cards for single use or till the fee amount is reached. These prepayed credit cards opened a new door for cyber crime as they can be used and thrown away as also take place anonymously when only used prepayed. Like Prepayed cell phone cards where used to not get tracked along.
Last day the credit card supplier again got ddosed by the collective anonymouse cause they shut down again the donation account of the wistleblowing platform wikileaks powered by julian assange. In fact the Attack really doesnt damage this huge company - only a few hours customers werent able to get on their page caused by the massive ddos that was running. So long the attacks stopped all the way and the site is accessable again.